Prefix: out-

One use of out- is to produce compound transitive verbs incorporating a competitive meaning of "exceed, surpass". It generally combines with nouns or verbs: Nouns: outclass, outdistance, outgun, outnumber, outpace, outrank, outwit Verbs: outdo, outfight, outlast, outlive, outperform, outrun, outshine, outweigh In general, those formed from nouns mean "have higher/better/more ~ than", and those formed… Continue reading Prefix: out-


Getting the Love You Want

Breaking patterns to achieve better relationships Two questions I’ve heard frequently in my 30-plus years working with clients are “Why do my attempts at relationships keep ending in failure?” and “Are my standards too high? No one I want seems to want me.” The truth is that we all have different internal struggles that get… Continue reading Getting the Love You Want