Do you like swimming?: How to form questions in English

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by Liz Walter

ChiccoDodiFC/iStock/Getty Images Plus ChiccoDodiFC/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Questions are a basic part of our conversations, but they are quite difficult in English. Many students make mistakes with them. Here are some basic rules to make your questions correct.

Let’s start with questions that have a simple answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

For all verbs except ‘to be’, we use do and the infinitive form of another verb to make present simple and past simple questions. The word order is do/does + subject + infinitive:

            Do you like cheese?

            Does Oscar have any brothers or sisters?

            Did you visit the Taj Mahal while you were in India?

A very common mistake is to forget that the second verb must be in the infinitive:

            Does Oscar has any brothers or sisters?

With the verb ‘to be’, we don’t use do. Instead, we put the verb at the beginning…

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