Luckily, no one was hurt. (Adverbs for starting sentences)

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by Kate Woodford

Yasuhito Shigaki/EyeEm/Getty

This week we’re looking at adverbs that we use to introduce sentences. We’ll begin with a set of adverbs that we use to show we are grateful for something that happened.

Starting with a very common adverb, fortunately often introduces a sentence in which the speaker talks about a good thing that happened, preventing something bad: It rained all afternoon. Fortunately, we were indoors most of the time.

Other adverbs that are used in this way are luckily, happily and thankfully:

A car had crashed into the shop. Luckily, no one was hurt.

None of us had coats. Happily, the weather stayed fine all afternoon.

Rosie was there during the terrible storm. Thankfully, she was safe.

If the good thing that happened was extremely lucky, (so lucky that you cannot believe it), you might start the sentence with miraculouslyHis car fell…

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